Finding Family Law Attorneys

How To Choose The Right Family Lawyer

Reasonable fees

All lawyer fees in family law must be reasonable. Your lawyer shouldn’t aske for a an unconscionable fee. Cheaper isn’t always better – you don’t want someone cutting corners nor do you necessarily want your case handled by someone inefficient. On the other hand, high fees don’t always correlate to the best representation in court. Find a lawyer that has flexible solutions that will fit your needs.

Ask for recommendations

You wouldn’t see a doctor without a reference and a strong recommendation – adopt the same approach with your family lawyer. You don’t have to hire the first attorney that you meet with. In fact, it is better to ask for recommendations from friends and family, or look online: to create a small list of attorneys to choose from. Once you have met with your family law attorney candidates and done your research on them, you should be able to make a decision as to which attorney you will hire. Choose a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable, who answers your questions in a way you understand. Address any concerns or doubts to your attorney and be sure you are both on the same page. Avoid any attorney who has solicited your business or who suggests anything unethical, such as a “guaranteed result.” Nothing in life is guaranteed. The right attorney will not pressure you into hiring him/her, and he/she will not hesitate to give you any references or credentials you request on the attorney’s experience.

Take time to check how experienced he is

Ask as many questions as you consider necessary to evaluate the lawyer´s background and experience. Sometimes, certain lawyers claim to have a lot of experience, but in fact have very little. The more you know up front, the fewer surprises you´ll encounter down the road. For example, whether you think you can settle your case through divorce mediation or fear you may need to go to trial, you won’t have to experience this legal battle alone. An experienced divorce attorney will know which steps you need to take to ensure your best possible outcome. Do not settle, demand expertise and experience.


Tips For Choosing The Best Family Lawyer

Don’t Let Cost Be The Only Factor

Divorce, as many people know, can be a very expensive process. However, this does not mean that choosing a cheaper lawyer will result in a lower overall cost.

Look For Warning Signs

Be on the lookout for any warning signs that might tell you this is not the best family lawyer for you. This could be as simple as not feeling entirely at ease with them, or it could be something more serious.


Make sure that your lawyer is accessible to you, meaning that they answer your calls, or promptly return them, and consistently reply to your emails. There is no use spending time and money on someone when you feel like they are not giving your case the attention it needs.


Family Law: Selecting a Good Lawyer

Interviewing Potential Attorneys

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a handful of attorneys, you’ll want to meet with each lawyer in person. Be aware that some attorneys charge an initial consultation fee. You should bring relevant divorce paperwork and information to your first meeting with a lawyer. An attorney needs to understand your circumstances to make an accurate assessment of your case.

How Do I Narrow My Search?

While an online search engine or your local bar association are both great places to begin looking, you may need to do more research to find the right attorney for your case. Many online search tools will group attorneys by practice areas and location. Once you’ve found a family law attorney in your area, check out the prospective attorneys’ websites. Do you think the website is tasteful? Does the attorney look professional? It can also be helpful to ask around and see if anyone in your network knows a prospective divorce attorney.

What Type of Legal Assistance Do I Need?

If you’re filing for divorce, it’s obvious that you’ll want to hire an attorney who’s experienced in family law rather than personal injury or probate matters. In other words, you’ll want someone who knows how to handle your divorce case and can speak from experience. Yet it’s still important to decide why you want to hire an attorney in the first place. Your reasons for hiring a lawyers will factor into the type of attorney that’s best equipped to handle your case. For example:



Make Your Choice

Based on your search, choose a family law firm that is professional, local, knowledgeable, and responsive. You want a lawyer you can communicate with and trust who understands your priorities.

Interview and Research Potentials

Talk to your top choices to find out as much information as possible, such as their range of experience, rates, and what kind of clients they typically represent.

Consider Your Options

Depending on your goal, there may be other options besides traditional litigation. Mediation and arbitration are a couple other options that are more private.


How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

Find out if the lawyer has been disciplined.

Each state has a disciplinary commission that investigates ethics complaints against attorneys. If the complaint has merit, then the committee will bring an enforcement action against the attorney. Reprimands and other disciplinary actions should be listed under the attorney’s name at the disciplinary commission’s website.

Narrow your list.

Once you have compiled a list of attorneys and done preliminary research, you can then begin to narrow your list. How you narrow your list is up to you. For example, you might decide that having a family law specialist is essential. Therefore, you will cross off the list those attorneys who are not specialists.

Draft a list of questions.

You should prepare a list of questions to ask the attorney. Although much of the consultation will be spent talking about the facts of your case, there should be time for a few questions. Look over the following list and pick the ones that address areas that are most important to you.