How To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Powerful Easy Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish Completely

If you have a silverfish infestation, the first thing you’ll want to know is how to get rid of silverfish bugs. These pests are not cute and cuddly, and just thinking of them is enough to give a person goosebumps.

Before we even go into silverfish treatment, we’re going to discuss preventative measures as well as the cause for your infestation.

How to Prevent Silverfish

Anyone that already has a full blown infestation didn’t do everything they could to prevent these bugs. And the truth is that there are so many bugs, you’ll never be able to prevent them all.

Silverfish on white background.There is a lot you can do to help prevent most bug infestations.

What Causes Silverfish?

The truth is that you probably had nothing to do with your silverfish problem. These pests can come into the home in construction material before anyone even lived in the home, or they could be transported on groceries or many paper products. And even if the home is spotless, these pests can live for 2 – 8 years and go a staggering year without food.

They’re extremely resilient, and they can produce 100+ offspring in their lifetime. And since these pests love old paper – they even eat glue and wallpaper – there is one thing you can do to help prevent these bugs: remove their food source.


How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish extermination can be very difficult, and if the infestation is very bad, you’ll want to call in a professional. The ability to go so long without food allows these pests to become a real nuisance to remove.

If you want to get rid of these bugs, we recommend starting with:

Newspaper Trap

Pixelated red Fishing Hook icon on Newspaper background.You need to be very careful with this trap. You’ll want to place these around your home for best results. This is done by doing the following:

  • Collect a bunch of newspapers and roll them up
  • Place rubber bands an inch in from the end of the newspaper ends
  • Moisten the paper
  • Place them strategically in the home
  • Place some outside of the home, too

And the silverfish will begin to eat the paper. Simply throw the paper in the garbage and throw it out. Some people go as far as burning the newspaper, but if you do follow this course, ensure that you only burn the newspaper in a fireplace or on the concrete outside of the home. Always remain cautious not to burn down your home in the process.

Homemade Silverfish Bottle Trap

You’ll be able to make your own silverfish bottle trap, and this is a great way to catch these bugs so that you can later kill or dispose of the pests. Getting started, you’ll need:

  • 1 glass bottle
  • Tape

You want to apply tape to the bottle so that the sticky side of the tape is exposed. This will allow the bug to be able to walk into the bottle, but they won’t be able to exit the bottle because the glass doesn’t provide any traction.

Place one-inch of water into the bottom of the bottle.


Boric Acid.

This is known to be effective against many types of bugs and pests, but remember that it can also harm animals and children. If you try this, remember it may take a couple of weeks for real results to be seen.

Diatomaceous Earth.

This is something that more and more people are using to eliminate pests of all kinds. The best part is; it is non-toxic to pests and children. It may cause sneezing, because it is a fine powder, but it will not seriously injure if applied properly.


Cut the cucumbers into small strips and place in your cabinets and also in your basement. The scent seems to be a repellant to silverfish. Basil and sage are also said to repel silverfish.

Dehumidify your home.

Silverfish thrive on damp and cool conditions. Placing a dehumidifier in your basement and main floor can help eliminate silverfish.


Identifying Silverfish Infestation At Your Property

With its tendency to live in hidden places, you will find it difficult to identify the silverfish infestation at your property. However, the following signs may indicate a silverfish presence in your property:

  • The cast skin and droppings of silverfish appear like pepper. If you see this on your floors or walls, you can conclude the presence of silverfish at your property.
  • Do you see holes in the wallpapers? It could be the indication of a silverfish infestation.
  • Silverfish also leads to yellow infestation on books, fabrics, wallpapers.
  • Check the moisture trapped and dark areas of your property, including bathrooms, attics, and basements. You may be able to see silverfish in those areas.
  • Silverfish tend to eat gum and glue. Therefore, you can check for furniture that used glue or gum.
  • Check the books, cardboards, and magazines for silverfish infestation as they tend to hide behind these during the daytime.


Silverfish Infestation & Risks

Silverfish are normally nocturnal insects, feeding at night and hiding by day. If disturbed, they can run very fast back to their hiding places. As silverfish cannot climb smooth or polished surfaces, you may also find them trapped in sinks, baths, cups or glasses.

Silverfish are generally associated with warm, moist and dark locations, so check these areas of your property for any evidence of an infestation, including any moulted skin cases. Their presence can be linked to a defect in your properties damp course or general condition, so it is advisable to identify the source of any dampness and undertake any necessary repairs. Also try to prevent any build up of condensation in your property by keeping rooms well ventilated when cooking or drying clothes.

Silverfish do not present any significant health risk to pets or humans, the greatest risk is the damage they can cause to your wallpaper, books or fabrics, and the nuisance created by their presence.