Pest Control

No More Mosquitoes

Mosquito Treatment Reclaim Your Backyard From Mosquito Infestation!! With Universal Pest and Termite in charge, mosquito treatment for your home has never been easier. We offer and other surrounding communities who are in need of ongoing or one-time mosquito treatments. Relying on a company for mosquito treatment cuts back on pests and keeps your home […]

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Tricks And Tips Scorpion Removal

Scorpion Control and How to Get Rid of Scorpions Scorpions are arachnids, not insects as you would think. They are close relatives to spiders, mites and ticks. There are approximately 1,300 species of scorpions worldwide. They have elongated bodies and a segmented tail that has a stinger on its tip. Scorpions are very common in […]

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The Need Of Pest Control And The Importance Of Professional Pest Control Services

Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service First of all, many of us as homeowners, renters and landlords can control household pests through a combination of preventive measures, including proper sanitation and good home maintenance practices. However, some pest infestations may be extensive, or a particular pest may be difficult to control, requiring the services […]

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